Possedimenti e Vigneti

Sangiovese vineyards

The heart of the main production at Fattoria Montellori is for wines based from Sangiovese vines. They are based on 2 areas: Cerreto Guidi and San Miniato.


On Moro and Montauto Estates, 12 and 16 hectares respectively are planted on deep soil of calcareous loam at 1000 feet above sea level in the township of Cerreto Guidi. This part of Tuscany has long been an area for red wine and, in fact remains part of the territory in which Chianti can be produced. Montellori, while continuing to produce Chianti, aimes at wines of greater concentration, structure and more decisive character. To that end, high quality clones of Sangiovese, selected for their ability to give wines of this type have been supplemented by the finest clonal selections of Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot available from the finest French vine nurseries.


San Miniato is an important group of vineyards located on the hill of San Miniato at 200 m above sea level, characterized by a clay soil, rich of fossils and sea shells, where there is a production of rich and elegant Sangiovese, with a good capacity of ageing. This particularity makes Fattoria Montellori’s red wines very unic.

Chardonnay Vineyard

Located near the hamlet of Cecina in the township of Larciano, the vineyards can be considered part of the Montalbano district. The altitude of the vineyard, close to 450 m above sea level, the climatic influence of the nearby Apennine chain and the consequent freshness of the microclimate, has led to the decision to plant Chardonnay, whose aromas benefit greatly from the cool summer evenings and the important day to night time temperature swings. The high density of plantation, 7.500 vines per hectare, gives wines of great character.
The story of this vineyard is captivating. Giuseppe, father of the current owner and wine maker was a great lover of white wines and champagne. He decided to try to produce it himself at the winery. He started his first experiments using grapes from a small vineyard of Chardonnay located in the hills of Cerreto Guidi (near Fucecchio). The first result encouraged him but he realized very soon that the climatic characteristics of the place weren’t the best to obtain a wine base, with important acidity necessary to obtain a sparkling wine with long aging, like the best Champagne, with that mineral content that distinguishes the best ones.
He continues his experiments in another area surrounding the area with an helicopter and found a location in Montalbano (Mountain range next to Appenino Tosco Emiliano). He chose the peak of that mountain to plant the new Chardonnay vineyard at 500 meters above sea level, rich in sandstones and rocks, perfect combination to obtain what he was looking for.
At the beginning of the 80’s, he started planting 10.000 plants of different clones of Chardonnay, the same used in Champagne, on about 2 hectares. He decided to create a Tentino mezza-pergola system allowing grapes to ripen in the shadow. Nowadays, it enables to obtain a base wine transformed in sparkling wine the next spring after the harvest. This base wine is made with those characteristics of very high acidity that are unpleasant in a young but are the best for a traditional method.
All the process , from the harvest, the vinification, to the tirage and the disgorgement, are made directly in Fattoria Montellori’s cellar in Fucecchio according to the traditional and artisanal method.


Trebbiano Vineyard

Located by the winery, Fattoria Montellori’s oldest vineyard is 60 years old Trebbiano vines for long family tradition of Vin Santo, DOC Bianco dell’Empolese. In harvest time in mid-September, the best grapes are selected in the vineyard. The grapes remain on bamboo mats for a period of 3 or 5 months, depending of the version of Vin Santo. After being pressed, a process of vinification and aging start for a period of 3 years for the Vin Santo della Signora cuvée or 5 years for the Vin Santo.